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Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson
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A Young Doctor's Notebook (s1), True Blood (s7 - and I deeply regret it), Hemlock Grove (s2), Orange Is The New Black (s1), In The Flesh (s2), The Mill (s2).

Sherlock, Merlin, Game Of Thrones, New Girl, Ugly Betty, Friends, The Hour, Downton Abbey , My Mad Fat Diary, Glee, True Blood, Parade's End, Breaking Bad, Hemlock Grove, Bates Motel, Top Of The Lake, Labyrinth, Dates, The White Queen, The Village, Misfits, Luther, Twisted, Sleepy Hollow, Mr Selfridge, The Paradise, A Young Doctor's Notebook, Good Cop, Once Upon A Time, The Musketeers, Reign, Black Sails, Black Box, Jamaica Inn, Penny Dreadful, Political Animals, The Mill.
ℑ'm Elisa, twenty something pirate gnome from somewhere in Italy.

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